baby bling bows

Baby headbands have always been in fashion. Babies don’t right away have a lot of hair and sometimes it can be hard to tell if a baby is a boy or girl. Enter baby headbands, bows, flowers, colorful bonnets etc. As with a lot of other baby accessories in recent years, baby headbands have picked up more interest. More people are talking about them and more people want them.

baby bling bowsOne reason for this uptick in interest and popularity is the invention of social media. The beautiful baby pictures pop up on Facebook every minute. Mom’s want to show off their precious little babies in their cute outfits and matching headbands. Frankly speaking, it’s impossible for a baby to not look so scrumptiously cute in a baby headband.  Baby headbands are colorful and capture the attention of anyone and transform a seemingly bland photo into a masterpiece. Most of us look back at our baby pictures and cringe with embarrassment but not the babies of this generation. Some are already Instagram and Facebook famous, with hundreds of thousands of followers and fans.

The popularity of social media has caused increased need for baby photo shoots and has taken baby fashion to a new level. Like the pictures of cute pets like puppies, the pictures of babies always bring a smile to the face of any non-cynical person. This has caused parents to create special accounts for their babies branding them as toddler or infant fashionistas. People can’t seem to get enough of baby fashion. Gone are the days when celebrity babies were the only focus of attention, they still are but so are Instagram babies who have acquired fame in their own rights.

New inventions bring the luxury of options and there are so many options now available to make the lives of parents easier. Some of the various offerings of baby headbands are soft cloth bands, eco-friendly bands, silk bands, cashmere, vegan-friendly etc all available in a plethora of colors shapes and sizes. And it’s not just for headbands. There are so many new products targeted for babies and moms coming into the market. The baby product industry is a billion dollar industry and entrepreneurs are aware of this fact. Nursing pillows, vibrating mats, weight checking blankets, baby carriers, state of the art strollers, wifi controlled baby bottles and monitors etc. Some people baby bling bowshave called these products gimmicks and accused entrepreneurs of trying to get a share of the billion dollar baby market. This argument is largely subjective. Some might say that so long as a product makes life easier for even one mom and/or bring comfort to a baby then why not?

So what are some of these new trending baby products? Let’s discuss a few and their relevance to babies and moms.

Baby Bottle Warmers

Moms have always struggled with keeping their baby’s food from becoming lukewarm or cold after a few hours on the go. They’ve either had a carry an extra flask of hot water just to warm the food or store the food in a different container to keep it warm or just resulted in making the food on the go when needed. Besides the obvious inconvenience of this, it’s practically extra hassle for moms with multiple toddlers or babies. Cue in Baby bottle warmers. These baby bottle warmers provide a solution to these age long problem by providing feeding bottles and bottle warmers that are portable, convenient and effective. Now moms can just activate these bottles with the food in them and it’s heated within a couple of minutes.

Baby Carriers

Baby carriers have been around for quite some time now but they keep getting reinvented and improved upon. Some new designs offer light weight options, adaptive carriers that can be used for both babies and toddlers. Some carriers are made to look like clothing to be worn. Just like baby headbands, there are now also carries made with eco-friendly materials, fair trade carriers etc. There are also carriers made especially for dads. It’s always a delight when dads are considered in the design of baby products. These baby carriers made for dads are made to fit the dad’s masculine structure and provide maximum comfort and bonding experience for both baby and parent. baby bling bows

Car Seats/Strollers

Baby car seats and baby strollers tend to be bulky, take up space and an inconvenience to carry around or travel with. The new inventions of baby strollers offer very light weight options and car seats that convert into strollers. This two in one approach offers parents the convenience of more space to carry other items and less heavy lifting.

Advanced Swaddlers

Swaddling is the art of wrapping a baby up in a warm blanket to imitate womb conditions and provide the baby with a feeling of warmth and security. Also babies still adjusting to being out in the world get disturbed and often jolted from sleep by their own reflexes. Swaddlers help prevent that by keeping the babies arms and legs nicely tucked in and warm. Some new Swaddlers offer a weighty feeling on the chest of the baby to mimic the hand of a parent on the baby’s chest to help calm the baby.

Wifi thermometers

Wifi thermometers are exactly that. Thermometers with wifi capabilities that enable parents to track the temperature of their babies or toddlers on their mobile devices. This eliminates the inconvenience of waking a baby up at night to see how they are doing. In addition, when an infant or toddler is ill the parent can have some rest of mind when they are out of site i.e in daycare or with the baby nurse or nanny.

Bathing Accessories

Gone are the days when bathing ducks where the height of bath time. New products hitting the market make bathtime a delight for both baby and parent. You have baby dams that help save water and speed up the bath prep time. Baby tubs with massage features, feet and sitting adjustments and even smart tubs that tell the temperature of the water.